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Call the contact and information line at 773-572-6200 or send us an email
Normal telephone toll charges do apply
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or would like to run your very own free conference room, or party line contact us by calling 773-572-6200. You can also send an email to

Due to the high volume of emails, and phone messages that we receive, we ask that if you know exactly what it is that you need for us to do, that you send us an email with instructions on exactly what that might be. That way we can try to get it done for you as quickly as possible. We return all calls, and emails in the order received within 24 hours.

If you would like a free conference room set up, and it is your first time. You will need to contact us by telephone. Once you are set up you will be able to email us anytime.

All complaints and basic questions should be phoned in. Through email we deal with setting up new party lines, sending out important information, receiving important information from you, and all technical issues. For all other issues contact us by telephone.

We are around a lot at night. If you happen to be a night person leave us a message letting us know that it is ok to contact you up until a certain time. We should then be able to get back to you a lot quicker but there are no guarantees.

For those of you wondering we removed the contact on this page because too many people were making mistakes on their reply email address and we could never respond to their questions. We feel it is best for everyone to just login to their email account and send us messages that way to so that there are no mistakes. Sorry for the inconvenience it was a nice tool but this will ensure we receive your messages and can respond and get the job done.