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How To Use

Press 9 from the main menu and enter your default moderator code. Once you are logged in it will announce to you how many callers are on your system. You will then hear a menu of different options. You only need to login once per call and anytime you press 9 from the main menu you will get your options right away without logging in again. Another great thing you will notice is that once you login here anywhere else you go to on the system you are automatically logged in as moderator. This means when you go to room 1 or any other room on your system you can press star 8 or 9 to control the room without having to login to it. Some line owners were once worried about their room owners changing codes on them. This will no longer be an issue ever again since you are now always logged into their room just by joining it. This gives the room owners more freedom and you the peace of mind to allow that freedom.

Option 1: Number Of Callers On The System

Press 1 anytime to hear how many people are on your system. This updates live so check it as often as you like.

Option 2: Record Your Party Line Main Greeting

This is the greeting that all callers will hear when calling your system. Messages are approved on Saturday's. Make sure you mention your rules and have a good disclaimer or your message will not be approved. Your message can be up to 5 minutes in length.

Option 5: Record Your Party Line Directory Message

This is a message that all callers will hear on our main system directory. This is where you can advertise your line to attract new callers. Make it sound good and you should do well. Callers will then be able to connect directly to your party line if they like what they hear. Your message can be up to 2 minutes in length.

Option 6: Record Your Contact Information

If you record something here callers will hear it when they press star from your main menu. If you have extra rules or information people need to know or some sort of contact number, website, or email address. Post it here.

Option 8: Check Minute Reports

This works exactly like the room totals for room owners except this is for your entire party line. You will be able to hear your total for the day, month, range, or any month you choose. It will the tally up your complete minute reports.

Option 9: Room Settings Menu

This will allow you to change advanced features for a room over the telephone that were once only available on the web. 1 will remove the room owner from web control only. All other settings for the room will be untouched. 2 will let you change the moderator code for the room. 3 will unlock the room if it is stuck locked or you just feel like unlocking it. 4 enables or disables room totals for the room over the telephone. 5 enables or disables room settings for the room over the telephone. 6 enables or disables the room block and allow list for the room over the telephone. 7 enables or disables the bulletin board for the room. 8 will let you hear the rooms minute reports. 9 will reset the room to default settings. If you do this all data will be lost and it will be a brand new room. Star will let you hear the rooms block and allow list. 0 exits.

Option Star: The Line Block And Allow List

This is the same as the room block and allow list for room owners except it is for you the party line owner. It will allow you to add or remove blocks from your entire system, manage your allows, as well as check all rooms block and allow lists.

As you can see option 2, 3, 4, and 7 are not in use. We have some ideas but are looking for ideas as well. What would you like to see added to this menu for line owners? Send us your thoughts.